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Ladies and Gentlemen, when exchanging BUSD to Anycrypt in the amount of $200 or more, all partners receive +5% tokens. 4% of each transaction is distributed among partners in accordance with their share of participation. Limited offer of 500,000 coins (We will announce the start of the Pre-Sale on the site and in our communities)When exchanging BUSD for Anycrypt up to $ 200, all operations with the token are performed in accordance with the contract.

  • 54.5% - Marketing and promotion

  • 20.5% - Functioning of the platform

  • 14.0% - Mobile application development

  • 11.0% - Team


About the CPC token

CPC is a Prospective Investment and Universal Settlement Solution focused on application in various niches:

  • Generation and implementation of mobile proxies ( rental/personal use)
  • Decentralized VPN network android applications to connect to Proxies on a mobile device without using root rights.

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When you invest in CPC, you become a partner of a service that provides mobile proxy service, which in turn is an integral part for many Internet users. Under the terms of the contract, partner share 4% of each transaction, and 1% goes to the liquidity pool in perpetuity. At the stage of AirDrop company commission for the transfer to your wallet is not charged.

CPC is a unique project of its kind, which gives you the opportunity to earn income by mining on your mobile device. By installing the application you connect your mobile device to the CPC proxy network. By following the instructions on how to set up your device you increase the quality of the connection. We, in turn, attract traffic arbitrageurs, social network administrators, seo- and smm-specialists and others buyers of proxy connections

In order to stimulate the desire to install and use the developer's product in depth, monetization of user achievements in applications hosted on our site is provided. Plus, an additional pool of rewards is formed and divided among the top most active users.

PC software that provides an opportunity to create a decentralized VPN network. The extension will allow you to deploy a proxy server on users' personal computers, which will significantly expand the range and functionality of our site.

Road Map

This roadmap shows the CPC token development plan.

About the App

Look at making money online from a different angle with coal mining - mobile proxies and start making money.

  • It's easy to start earning

    The application Coal Mining - Mobile Proxies is installed in one click, and has a convenient and simple interface. Quick registration provides access to all features of the Crypto Proxy platform.

  • How do you earn money

    Numerous users from different parts of the world use your IP to access the network. At that time you get guaranteed income in Crypto Proxy Coin (CPC) tokens!
    You use 3 types of earnings: selling IP connections, completing tasks in the application, profit from attracted referrals.
    Download the application .Activate earnings following the prompts. Choose and complete simple tasks. Get rewarded with coins.

  • How to get your earnings

    The main coin (the CPC token) is available for withdrawal after listing on the exchange. Mining of the CPC currency is provided as a bonus reward to the main earnings.


About the Marketplace

Marketplace where you can buy mobile proxies or create your own proxy farm.

  • Mobile proxies

    Buy mobile proxies at affordable prices, Choose a proxy using a convenient filter.

  • Own proxy farm

    Create your own proxy farm for yourself and your team.


View Whitepaper

Whitepaper is a document that describes the essence of the CPC token, the token economy, how it works, what problem it will solve and other information about the token.


Buy token

To purchase a token, you need to send tokens to the wallet located below the BUSD. After confirming the payment, you will receive CPC tokens back at the current sale rate.

Manual for buying token


Before you write to us, try to find the answer to your question here.

It will be possible to buy and sell the token on the PancakeSwap exchange in the near future.
This app allows you to earn CPC by simply contributing to the Crypto Proxy Coin community. The more you contribute, the more CPC you earn.
You don 't need to sign anything . All actions are entered into the smart contract and are counted automatically.
When exchanging BUSD for CPC of $200 or more. The conditions are described on the website - Get Partner Status.


The CPC token development team consists of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from different countries who share the goal of creating their own infrastructure for a community that accepts digital assets as payment for the use of a proxy network. Anyone who likes CPC token can join the development team to further implementation of the projects.